A Brief Guide To Buying A Shower Head


A good shower is always the best answer after a hard day’s work or a rigorous exercise session. And the perfect shower depends on a perfect showerhead. To find the best shower head, we’ve done a lot of research (meaning, taken a lot of showers).

But how do you find the best showerhead?

There are so many shapes and sizes available out there. To make it easier for you, here is some criteria for the whole process.

With water bills running high, one is always concerned about how showerheads can be economical. New showerheads provide very refreshing experiences despite their modest 2 gallons per minute flow rates.

No need to spend big bucks. Some top-rated showerheads literally cost a quarter of other good models. No need for fancy, multiple setting showerheads, either. Some people just like single-setting showerheads, and such models are actually very efficient.

  • Single-setting showerheads
  • Multi-setting showerheads
  • Shower towers
    • w/ fixed showerheads
    • w/ handheld showerheads
    • Both!

There are also some features you should know about. Your own taste should determine what you want.

  • Aerating showerheads – providing misty spray and cooling the water from 5 to 15 degrees F. Laminar-flow showerheads might be more expensive, but save energy by better maintaining water temperature.
  • Handheld showerheads – no explanations needed
  • Rain showers – large heads provide wide spray pattern to reduce pressure. If you like soft, soothing flows like the rain, this is the type for you.

Don’t worry about installation. Most showerheads come in simple, do-it-yourself kits. However, some more complicated models need expensive plumbers to do the job.

And if you are new to the brand names, here are some to get started:

  • Delta
    • Delta In2ition
    • Delta 9-Spray Shower Mount
  • Kohler Filpside
  • Moen Nature Three Function
  • Speakman Anystream
  • Hangsrohe Clubmaster

Where to look for showerheads?

Try browsing through Amazon, Home Depot, Overstock, Target and Bed Bath and beyond to see a variety of sets to choose from.

You may see many ads on the set, so what is “Watersense”? If you see such labels it means they use no more than 2 gpm.

Now, if you’re looking for a low flow shower head, here are some tips.

Low-flow showerheads combine water-saving technologies to both save you money and provide the best experience. See which one you prefer to adjust spray settings, such as:

  • Narrow to wide
  • Spray only,
  • Pulse
  • And so forth (especially if different family members like different types of sprays).

This was a quick and short guide to the various types of showerheads. Take your time surfing on the Net or going to the local construction store. Remember, you can have a good shower and save money.

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