A New Space Heater – Some Background Research

If you are looking to purchase a space heater then it is good to know something about what you may be getting. This post has been written to provide a brief introduction to the many types of electric heaters you can buy these days.

Generally different types of space heater have been designed for different needs. However, they do boil down to a relatively few overall categories.  Essentially the most common ones that are energy efficient include portable space heaters, wall heaters, bathroom heaters and baseboard heaters. For detailed reviews and discussion of individual model strengths and weaknesses go here.

Choosing The Best Electric Space Heaters Can Help You Save You Money

Portable_space_heaterMost home heaters use electricity to generate heat and since it is readily available anywhere in the world, using electric heaters can actually save you money on your household energy bill. Moreover they don’t require much maintenance from you. Any electric heaters wall mounted ones can be your best electric heaters as some electric heaters reviews show.

Portable Space Heaters

As the name portable space heaters implies, this kind of electric heaters are usually small and portable and functions to heat up small spaces in your rooms; or if the main heating system is not performing the heating adequately. Many people found this type of heater to be one of the best electric heaters.

Bathroom Electric Wall Heaters

Bathroom electric wall heaters are commonly used in smaller rooms like your home bathroom. They are usually built-in types nicely recessed in the wall cavity between two wall studs. In some models such heaters have a fan inside the heater while others used an electric coil to work. Could this be another one of your best electric heaters?

Baseboard Electric Heaters

These energy heaters are quiet and safe and do the job of heating the room through convection which primarily is generating heat without using a fan. There is a safety thermal device that automatically turns-off the electric heater when there is overheating and reactivates later when the temperature cools.

Safety Tips for Using You Electric Heater

fireThe best safety measure you should take for your newly found efficient electric heaters to prevent any accident caused through the use of them is to ensure adequate distance between your electric heaters and any source of combustion. They are what you can find in any home – your usual furniture, paper based products or any flammable liquids.

Also never keep a portable heater in use if it close to water. There is a very real danger of fire or electrocution in such circumstances.

Never use an electric heater on an extension cord, the ratings of the heater and the cord may vary which can cause overheating and a fire risk.

All in all space heater safety is a matter of common sense. Apply this and you can easily ensure that portable electric heater remains safe to use and to serve you a lifetime for you and your family.

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