How to Take Better Digital Photographs

better photos

Digital cameras are super easy to use and great fun but we don’t always take the best pictures, partly because we can snap away without using up expensive film, until we get a decent picture! Taking the time to perfect a few techniques can make all the difference between an average and a brilliant photo. Here are a few tips that will improve your photography enormously.

better digital photos

  1. One of the most important and often neglected is to to be aware of the background. When you look in the viewfinder you tend to focus on your subject and ignore what’s behind them but when you see the picture, a tree growing out of someone’s head is hard to ignore! Try not to take pictures where there are moving vehicles behind your subject or objects that will focus the attention away from the subject of your picture.
  2. When taking pictures of people try not to aim directly at their face but slightly to the side so that you get a three quarter view. If you aim the camera down slightly it will have the effect of slimming the subjects face.
  3. Remember to adjust your camera for the available light. If you can read a book in the light it will be enough to use your camera without the flash. It’s best not to use a flash unless really neccessary as they tend to make people look paler than they are. If you are indoors and it’s a little dark move to a window and use the feature on your camera called fill flash. This will force the flash to fire and fill in deep shadowed areas.
  4. Focus closely on your subject. Make sure the frame is filled so that the subject is the most important part of the picture.
  5. Always place the subject slightly off centre. if you are taking a crowd picture imagine a line through the centre of the group then aim slightly to one side.

With these few tips in mind next time you aim your camera we hope your photographs will be, if not yet up to professional standards, much better.

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