Why Outdoor Exercise is Better Than Indoor Exercise

It may seem that working out in the gym, with its temperature controlled environment, convenient parking, and the fact that you know what you’re going to get is an easy option. This is especially true when the nights closing early and the temperature falls. However there is increasing evidence that there are significant benefits to doing your exercise outdoors rather than in the gym.

You probably know this already, but when you’re walking outside your stride pattern is significantly different from when you’re running on a treadmill. Your ankles flex more frequently, your strides are just continuously in order to adapt to the differing terrain and as a result significantly different set of muscles are used. So get some waterproof bluetooth headphones from here. Put them on and get outside for some fantastic exercise.

outdoor exercise

It’s also true, again something that you probably realize, that outdoor exercise is more strenuous. There have been a number of studies undertaken to compare the effort required to run on a treadmill with the effort required to run outside and it was noted that less energy was used by the treadmill runners even though the same distances in each test were involved.

It’s not just running however where this been shown to be the case similar tests on cyclists have also shown that factors such as wind drag and changes in altitude can have significantly greater demands on your energy when cycling outdoors than travelling the same distance on a bike in the gym. The reality is therefore that if you are trying to maximize the number of calories that you want burn because you have a limited time to exercise at all, and you really should be taking your exercise outside rather than in.

Now, the more scientific readers, may want to question exactly what was involved in undertaking these studies of exercise, and it’s true that they were relatively small in scale and conducted over a relatively short period of time. This can have issues when it comes to scientific rigor. However, these small-scale studies are not the only ones that have been undertaken measuring exercise outside compared with exercise inside.

For instance a research study aimed at determining the exercise habits of older men and women, through a process of interview and electronic measurement showed that those involved in the study who actually were active outdoors, usually in their case they walked, were found to have a significant higher level of physical activity than those who spent more time indoors, exercising or otherwise.

walking in the woods

Not only, is outdoor exercise an improvement on indoor exercise, but there are significant well-being benefits to spending more time outdoors. We live in a beautiful world and there is no question in my mind that if you spend time outdoors you appreciate the world much more, and generally are more emotionally and mentally capable of dealing with the issues that everyday life presents to us.

In conclusion therefore, if you are trying to determine how you should go about increasing the amount of exercise that you do in your life, even something as mundane as fishing, then not only is the evidence significantly in favor of undertaking outdoor activity, but it will probably make you feel a lot better both about yourself and about your appreciation of the world in general.

After your exercise you can wind down with a deliciously relaxing shower. You know you want to.

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